Member Profiles


Sue Haffner

Our Central California African Violet Society president is Sue Haffner and on top of being our Head Honcho, Sue is also our society newsletter author and is currently serving as our acting treasurer. She has been the “Question Box”  columnist for The African Violet Magazine since 2004 alternating this duty with Dr. Ralph (Rob) Robinson. For those of you not familiar with this column, growers write her with questions about everything that relates to the growing of African Violets from soil to pests to watering and more. Her answers are always well researched and easy to understand. Many of the articles she has written for our newsletter, The African Vio-let-ter, have been picked up and published in the AVM.

Sue has been growing African violets for about 35 years. She received her first violet from Marie Town, her neighbor, and has been a member of the Central California AVS since the late 1970’s. She says that she enjoys being a member of the club because of how much we can learn from each other.  She enjoys the fact that African violets are easy to propagate and are so beautiful whether in bloom or not.

As a society, we are grateful for Sue’s willingness  to teach and share her vast knowledge. You will always see her at every Show and Sale helping out in every capacity, from cashier to clean-up.

Sue is also a member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, The Gesneriad Society and the Pacific Bulb Society.